It All Started with
a Hobby and a Dream

Hi, I'm Terence Tang.

In March 2014, I created a new Instagram account (@tinlunstudio) to journal and share the practice and experimentation of a newfound craft - hand lettering. I was always fascinated with signatures and drawing words when I was a kid, but I didn't know it was a real thing until I attended my first design conference.

Tinlun Studio - Video Setup

Lettering practice naturally expanded to trying out calligraphy, and a new hobby quickly became an obsession. I soon realized that I had found one of my passions. I began filming my calligraphy practice and posting the videos to Instagram. People began to notice.

Tinlun Studio - Calligraphy

I began using these new skills at my full-time job as a graphic designer for a medical school. While I was in a great situation with creative freedom and great teammates, my desire to truly create on my own terms grew exponentially every day.

As my online audience continued to grow, I wondered whether it would be viable to make a living as a lettering artist. People began asking if they could purchase prints or shirts with my art. I had always fantasized about starting my own business and having my own clothing and product line, so combining a passion with a dream was the obvious, perfect scenario.

Tinlun Studio - Desk Items

After several talks with my wife, we decided that it was now or never. In July of 2015, I resigned from my full-time job and took Tinlun Studio full-time as an art-based product brand.

I invite you to follow along as I share my journey of entrepreneurship via vlog and newsletter, where I'm fully transparent about processes, frustrations, and lessons learned.


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