About the Hem Tag Messages

The Tinlun Studio brand is about more than just meticulously crafted goods. My goal is to inspire you to be better. To do better. To get up off your butt and make the most out of your life.

The three messages hidden on the insides of the hem tags were chosen because they're all valuable lessons I've learned en route to getting to this point. My hope is that every time you wear the shirt, you'll think of the message and become extra inspired to chase your dreams.

Go Get It

hem tag - go get itA lot of people have dreams and aspirations. Very few of those people actively chase those dreams. Very few are willing to put in the work and do whatever it takes. It's those same people that sit there and whine about what isn't happening for them. They're the ones complaining about how nothing ever goes their way.

I used to be one of those people.

It's time to stop waiting and start doing. If you want something that badly, go get it. Take action and make stuff happen. It doesn't matter if you start with a tiny step; it's one step closer than you were before. GO. GET. IT.

Create Recklessly

hem tag - create recklesslyYou can learn and improve by consuming knowledge, but creating something every day is stimulating and empowering in a unique way. When you create, you switch from being a follower to being a leader.

Challenge yourself to create something every day - write a poem, make a drawing, cook without a recipe, or even build something with legos. And do it with reckless, unbridled abandon. Explore the process, take risks, and dare to think way outside the box.

Embrace Failure

hem tag - embrace failureThroughout life, we're going to make mistakes, and learning from our mistakes helps us grow. It's impossible to go through life without stumbling here and there, and if you don't expect to stumble, one of two things will happen: 1) You'll never try anything new, and 2) When you do stumble, you'll punish yourself for it.

Accept the fact that failures are a building block of success. You may think this sounds pessimistic, but I'm not saying you need to go through life bracing for failure all the time. Rather, approach things with optimism and do your best, and if you happen to hit a bump, take it as an opportunity to learn from it instead of as a negative result.


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