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The Tinlun mission goes beyond making art and selling products.

Houston Chinese Youth Camp

Since 2012 - long before Tinlun Studio was even a thought in my mind - I've been donating creative expertise year-round to a local non-profit called Houston Chinese Youth Camp

Houston CYC is an annual, week-long summer camp for kids of age 8-18. Through team-building activities and classroom sessions focused on learning about Chinese culture, the campers experience personal growth, make life-long friendships, and find their identities. 

Houston CYC - dragon boat

Houston CYC - games

Houston CYC - games

I was introduced to CYC in 2012 by my wife (then girlfriend), who attended camp as a kid and had since returned as an officer/volunteer. I didn't know about CYC as a kid, but as a photography volunteer in 2012, I could clearly see the immense positive impact that CYC has on these kids.

Houston CYC - cheering

Houston CYC - cheering

Houston CYC - Dance

I would soon learn that many of the business world's successful leaders as well as the community's most influential and inspiring people got their humble starts at Houston CYC. I knew that this camp was special and wanted to continue helping out however I could.

Houston CYC - closing ceremony

Houston CYC - closing ceremony - chinese yo-yo

After several years of volunteering, I can honestly say that camp has taught me a lot about leadership, problem solving - and most of all - myself. I truly believe that CYC has given me a significant amount of the confidence needed to become an entrepreneur. In a way, CYC has helped me find my identity.

Houston CYC - media team

One of my goals is for Tinlun to become the official outfitter of Houston CYC, fully providing apparel and accessories that enhance the camp experience and raise funds for CYC's longevity. Until that goal is met, I will continue to donate creatively to CYC on an annual, year-round basis.

CYC 2016 - fundraising shirt

If you'd like to support Houston CYC, follow us at / facebook / youtube or consider purchasing a CYC x Tinlun fundraiser shirt (100% of proceeds go to CYC). Thank you so much!

Houston CYC 2016 Group Photo


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