Why I Stopped Vlogging

If you follow me on Snapchat or subscribe to my vlog, you may have noticed that I haven’t shown my face in quite some time. I want to explain why I’ve gone completely silent.

I have massive respect for people like Casey Neistat, Charli Prangley (@charlimarietv), and Cory Miller (@corydhmiller) who can consistently put out awesome vlog content and still live their lives, but I found that vlogging changed my life too much in a way that I didn’t want.

At first, it was challenging.

When I first started vlogging, I had a few goals in mind.

1) Improve speaking by getting out of my comfort zone in front of the camera.
2) Document my experiences as a new entrepreneur.
3) Share knowledge that might come in handy to anyone watching.

In the beginning, it was a new and interesting challenge to create interesting video content about my life from week to week. Talking to the camera felt very awkward but I quickly noticed that the discomfort decreased every time I picked up the camera. I was able to pick up the camera and speak comfortably much sooner than I expected.

Should I vlog it?

As my speaking proficiency increased, I noticed that the day-to-day upkeep became sort of a chore. I started to miss being able to go somewhere and just live in the moment without worrying about bringing a camera, setting up a shot, and making sure what I record is vlog-worthy.

Since I didn’t want to vlog everything, I was selective about what I filmed. But that quickly became, “I’m going to the grocery store - should I vlog it? I’m going for a run - should I vlog it? I just blew out my knee playing basketball - should I vlog it? I’m cooking dinner - should I vlog it? I’m playing with my son - should I vlog it?”

The ongoing question of, “should I vlog it?” became absolutely exhausting. It was a nagging voice inside my head. Every, single, day. Naturally, I wanted to be free of the nagging, so I stopped vlogging completely.

I felt like I was being lazy by not vlogging - and in some instances, I was. But on top of the nagging voice inside my head, there was the knowledge that editing a vlog episode takes up at least one whole day - which means other important tasks or designs that I’ve got great momentum on are being pushed back.

Where I thought vlogging would be a great way to facilitate ideas by speaking what’s on my mind, it actually became a bottleneck for my workflow.

Am I done vlogging forever?

The short answer is no. I really do want to vlog again at some point, but I just can’t say when that’ll be.

A really nice byproduct of vlogging was that I got to capture my life with my family and 6-month-old son - memories that I’ll be able to cherish forever - and I definitely want to do more of this. And looking back at the vlogging goals I had at the beginning - I accomplished all of those - but not to the degree that I’m satisfied with.

I want to eventually ramp up sharing things via video that are better shown than written about, in the form of quick-hitting tutorials. But for now, I want to re-focus my attention on writing. I’ll be posting to the blog on a weekly basis and previewing the topic-of-the-week via newsletter.

Perhaps when I get sick of writing, I’ll start vlogging again. Until then, I want to say thanks so much for tuning in.

Now, I can start saying “thanks for reading!”


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