logo refinement process

tinlun logo evolution

I've learned a lot about lettering since I created my official logo a year ago. The more I looked at my logo, the more I saw opportunities for refinement. So I went into Illustrator and got busy.

Here's a look at the evolution of the logo since the unofficial days of 2014 when Tinlun Studio was just a newfound obsession.


logo evolution

Since I wasn't designing a whole new logo but rather just tightening up the existing one, the iteration process was happening on a very zoomed-in level. At a glance, all of the logos below pretty much look the same, save for a few instances where I tried more drastic mods like changing the "L" to lowercase. 

logo iterations

If you look more closely, I'm doing things like adjusting stem length by a smidge, moving the T over by a hair, adjusting the angle of the crossbar by 3 degrees, shifting a few letters up or down by a millimeter or two, etc. It's a painstaking process, but the result of all of this microscopic work is a logo that actually looks more natural and effortless. Overall, I'd estimate that I spent about 10 hours from start to finish (not all in one sitting).

By overlapping the 2015 logo with the 2016 logo, you can see where the adjustments were made. A lot of inconsistencies were fixed, i-n and u-n connectors were removed, and the overall angle of the logo was adjusted to be less diagonal.

Tinlun logo evolution overlap

And finally, here's the evolution in video form that better shows how the logo morphs throughout the iteration process. Shout out to the amazing Daisy Brown for the awesome music (http://www.daisybrown.net/)!

I'm really happy with how the updated logo turned out. It's not a huge departure from what I had before, but it's cleaner, more legible, and more production-friendly (those hair-thin connectors from i-n and u-n would be a pain with embroidery, felt appliqué, and other mediums).

I'd like to thank the artists and friends that I look up to, study, and receive valuable critique from. It's because of what I've learned from y'all that I'm able to continue growing as an artist and person. #levelup


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