On Being Proactive vs Reactive

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Next week, I'm attending Agenda Show in Las Vegas as a non-exhibitor. It's one of the world's leading streetwear fashion / lifestyle brand trade shows, and attendance is by invite only.

I wasn't originally invited to come. I asked them if I could come.

To be completely honest, I had no idea what Agenda Show was until about a month ago. But once I found out what it was (thanks, Doug!), I knew that attending it someday could be a monumental step towards achieving my goals. I stumbled upon an online application to attend this year as a non-exhibitor, and it was a no-brainer for me to fill it out.

Agenda Show Las Vegas
(Image via agendashow.com)

Here's the thing - I could've listened to the voices in my head telling me that I'm too new and unknown to be granted registration. I could've convinced myself that I should wait at least 2 more years before even thinking about applying to attend.

The old me would've listened to those voices.

The old me was a reactive person, and I even prided myself on being damn good at reacting. I waited until opportunities presented themselves, and boy, you better believe I was ready to make the most of them.

The old me stayed at the same job for 7 years even though I had exhausted all growth and advancement possibilities.

The old me settled for corporate life and tried to convince myself to hang in there until retirement age.

The old me often said, "Count your blessings because things could be so much worse."

The New Me

The new me is proactive. No more waiting around for things to happen at the right time. No more settling for "decent enough."

The new me says, "Things aren't bad, but they could be so much BETTER."

The new me filled out that Agenda application and communicated my goals with the Agenda team. The new me told them that even if they decide I'm not ready to attend this year, they'll be hearing from me again next year. The new me let Agenda know that I may be new to the scene, but I'm not messing around.

I'm telling you this not to toot my own horn nor pat myself on the back. I'm telling you this because when I made a shift from being reactive to proactive, things started happening for me at a more frequent rate.

Instead of waiting around for opportunities to appear and sulking when things aren't happening for me, I'm now creating those opportunities - and so can you.

I can't tell you enough how much it matters that you go after what it is that you want. GO GET IT. Because if you don't go get it, someone else will take advantage of that opportunity you've been waiting for.

If you're finding yourself in a stagnant position, ask yourself if you've done everything you can be doing. Ask yourself if you've out-worked everyone who's doing what you want to do. Remind yourself how badly you want it.

Next week could have been another normal week where I shoot a few product photos, write a new blog post, and pack an order or two.

Instead, I'm flying to f-ing Las Vegas on Monday for an opportunity that I do not take lightly.

Next week is the week I do everything in my power to officially make the streetwear & lifestyle industry aware that Tinlun is on the way up.

Agenda Show 2017 - sketch


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